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School Safety Problems

As gun violence in schools across the US has increased, the options schools have to improve school safety have increased as well, but are often ineffective, expensive, inequitable, and worsen the mental health of their students.  Metal detectors, security cameras, or guards in schools have not been found effective at preventing violence in schools and one study found that metal detectors and the use of at least two physical security measures were associated with a significant decrease in students feeling safe while in school. In fact, research has shown that their presence negatively impacts students’ perceptions of safety and increases fear among some students.   Overall, restrictive school security measures have the potential to harm school learning environments     as well as increase absenteeism and negative academic performance among some students.

Schools that are heavily secured are disproportionately likely to be attended by minority students. When a school is policed, Black students are 3X more likely to be arrested than white students, while Indigenous students are 2X as likely as white students to be arrested. Latinx students were also more likely to be arrested than their white counterparts. Other historically marginalized groups, including students with disabilities, are almost 3X more likely to be subject to school arrest than students without disabilities. Research has also found that LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming students have a higher likelihood of being stopped by police, suspended, expelled, or arrested. 

Our Solution

Advancing Student Equity

Our team at Secured My Shool wants every student to grow up in a supportive and encouraging school environoment where they can focus on social growth and academic achievement. This is why our team has made it a priority to introduce more equitable advancements to current school security and safety protocols. But our team doesn't stop there. When we work together with a school, we provide education and practical skill-building on advanced geospatial technology. The field of geospatial technology is growing rapidly and can be applied to most industries allowing students to better market themeselves when looking for more advanced careers after graduation. Additionally, students participating in our program will recieve a scholarship to help further their career interests or education.

Secured My School Graduation Caps

Fostering Community Partnerships

At Secured My School, our team understands the importance of creating a space to foster communication between school administration and first responder teams to promote comprehensive and sustainable planning processes. The more community decision-makers work together, the more prepared everyone is for emergency situations. 

Providing a Low-cost
Versatile Product

Unlike all security products currently made available to schools, our product has the greatest versatility. After students create the 3D model of their school, school administration can use the model for marketing, staff training, educational, insurance, and architectural purposes. Additionally, by working with our DTISIM team, schools would have the opportunity to advance their emergency preparedness protocols by creating a more comprehensive emergency plan together with first responders. 

secured my school Greg Heimstra directions how to use DTI technology
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